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Ultrasonic Cavitation


Get your Curves in shape with the fastest and most powerful system on the European Market

Ultrasonic Cavitation is the beauty treatment that replaces liposuction without the operating room. The treatment is known as cosmetic liposuction and is the new ultrasound technique that transforms your shape without surgery, pain or anaesthesia - unlike traditional liposuction. This new technique can be applied throughout the body no matter the thickness or density of the area to be treated. Furthermore, it works fast with visible results even after the first session. The effects of this treatment include a significant reduction in the perimeter of the treated area. Please note that patients who increase fluid retentions after a treatment should expect to drain more and achieve greater results.

Cavitation is an ultrasonic treatment that works by applying waves through a hand-piece which melts the localised area you wish to treat. It is often found that the most difficult area to treat can be found beneath the epidermis. Listed below are the main features of Ultrasonic Cavitation: 

  • Cavitation treatmemtAfter a session of cavitation, liquids are drained by using lymphatic drainage to facilitate  elimination through the urine.
  • The cavitation treatment is totally painless, does not approach any vital organs. Patients can loose centimetres from the first session and continue draining at home to show visible results.
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation does not have great aesthetic contraindications.
  • A healthy and balanced diet is essential for optimal results. Also you should not exceed a weekly session.

Before and After

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- Tamsa

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I'm really happy with the results! After years of having saddlebag thighs, finally something worked and got rid of my cellulite too.Thanks Slimland xxx

- Angie29, TrueLocal

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