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Slimland's Rolletic Procedure


Using Rolletic

Rolletic is a revolutionary machine, which massages the body and helps to reduce fat and cellulite. The Czech Patented machine breaks down fat cells and massages at the same time. With a few easy steps, the body is shaped, muscle tension is eased, blood circulation and skin nutrition is improved. What you do is just relax comfortably while you treat your body. 12 exercises are done to target specific areas of the body. These exercises can shape your body to reach the result you're looking for when followed regularly. A certified Rolletic trainer will explain these exercises to you during the first session to familiarise you with our programme and guide you accordingly. A Rolletic designed diet regime has been created in order to see immediate results and we encourage you to combine it with the exercise programme. After a couple of weeks on the programme, naturally you will notice the change in the shape of your body. In most cases you will notice toning, improved circulation and shaping. However, everyone reacts differently and results may vary. 

Other Benefits

The skin becomes softer, smoother and firmer. The massage is beneficial not only to the body but it also provides a physiological lift. Rolletic' s massage takes place by stimulating the acupressure paths which influence and regulate physiological processes such as digestion and bad breathing.

Also,it can promote blood and lymph circulation and helps renew the balance of hormones and the nervous system. The massage will also soften scars and tone the subcutis (layer of connective tissue beneath the dermis).


Who can use Rolletic?

Rolletic is recommended for healthy people, supervised by a masseur trained in the field of reconditioning and regeneration.lletic?

* Rolletic is not recommended for children nor physically handicapped people.



Please note: the creams advertised on video are replaced in our salon for top of the market creams that are much more efficient in treatment of cellulite.

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Check This Out!

"Finally something that actually works and the people there are just lovely. Martina and Susan are so helpful and treat you like family and really work to achieve the best results. Five stars from me, this stuff works!!!!!"

- Tamsa

You can't beat this!

I'm really happy with the results! After years of having saddlebag thighs, finally something worked and got rid of my cellulite too.Thanks Slimland xxx

- Angie29, TrueLocal

Why Slimland?

Why IceTheme ClubWould you like to loose weight fast and painlessly, with no down time and fabulous results? If yes you should consider Slimland! Our methods are non-invasive and are more effective than restricting diets and hard gym workouts, with no painful surgery. Come in for a FREE consultation.