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Magic Cryo


Everyone faces the same frustration of trying to fit exercise time into an already busy every day routine. Or maintain and expensive diet to keep your body fuelled in order to lose the excessive weight or problem areas often referred to as' love handles' or ' muffin tops' . In many cases these practises leave you exhausted and burn a hole in your pocket, while still not achieving the body you dream of.

If this is you, The Magic Cryo can offer you a refreshing solution which adopts effective technology giving you the great figure you have always longed for! This non- invasive technique for improving body contour has now arrived at Slimland. The Magic Cryo is a new and innovative procedure which may produce a noticeable, natural looking reduction in your problem areas. The Magic Cryo achieves this using fluctuating temperature within fat cells and vacuum technology. This procedure takes no longer than 45 minutes to 2 hours and the best part is that there is no down time after the treatment.

For most effective results, patients should combine the treatment with a healthy lifestyle consisting of a nutritious diet, regular exercise and regular water consumption.For more detailed and personalized information on the Magic Cryo procedure please visit our Slimland saloon for a FREE consultation. During this consultation our Slimland consultants will advise if the Magic Cyro procedure is the most suitable technique for you, or if other procedures would be more appropriate. We can also inform you about our other innovative health treatments.

Call for free consultation now on 0404269166

Check This Out!

"Finally something that actually works and the people there are just lovely. Martina and Susan are so helpful and treat you like family and really work to achieve the best results. Five stars from me, this stuff works!!!!!"

- Tamsa

You can't beat this!

I'm really happy with the results! After years of having saddlebag thighs, finally something worked and got rid of my cellulite too.Thanks Slimland xxx

- Angie29, TrueLocal

Why Slimland?

Why IceTheme ClubWould you like to loose weight fast and painlessly, with no down time and fabulous results? If yes you should consider Slimland! Our methods are non-invasive and are more effective than restricting diets and hard gym workouts, with no painful surgery. Come in for a FREE consultation.