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I can slip into trousers that never used to fit me, while jeans that used to be tight are now loose around my bottom. I have even thrown away one pair of trousers that are now ludicrously baggy, and I no longer feel I have to wear long, loose tops over everything. Would I do it again? Hell yes! It works better than endless running round the park!
Thank you so much Slimland-Team!!!

Hi, my name is Gayle, I´m a 50 year old school teacher and mother, I had lost 30 pounds and 29 inches since joining Slimland. I was on the Strawberry Laser for 6 times and I´m doing the DUKAN diet program. I have so much more energy than I had before. I enjoy the convenience of the salon with the location and it’s hours & most of all the friendly & comfortable environment. I recommend it to everyone!

Slimland is fantastic! I’ve tried the Lymphatic Drainage and Rollectic Massage, and the Foot Detox and have loved them all. The Lymphatic Drainage and the Foot Detox are very relaxing and made me feel fresh and revived. The Rollectic Massage really worked; the day after the treatment my muscles felt like I had gone to the gym, but without the sweaty workout!


Sabine and Eva were also great! The friendly service made me feel right at home and not nervous about the treatments at all. The Salon is very stylish with tasteful décor and a soothing atmosphere. I loved all my treatments at Slimland and will keep coming back for more!

Thanks guys xx


Anna, 20 - Townsville 

I had no idea what to expect during my first treatment,however my mind was put at ease the moment I stepped through the door .My treatment was tailored specifically for my belly fat reduction needs,i choose Magiccryo package it was relaxing and pain-free.After 4 weeks i already see big different.Now i must book for love handles :-) ,anyway thank you


I got a groupon for celullite reduction package . My cousin has done it twice and had really good results so I decided to give it a shot. It was a little bit long for time (2.5 hours)one visit. I definitely notice a reduction in the cellulite on my thighs. Thank God. It was good deal! I finally feel like I can go out in a bathing suit this summer!

- Sharon

"The Strawberry laser Treatments have blessed me with a fabulous new bottom! There is no longer a ‘muffin top’ over the top of my jeans and my bottom is a much nicer shape! Plus I now have a gap between my thighs! Diet and exercise alone have never changed my body or produced results like Strawberry laser has!

- Maria

I have had the lymphatic drainage several times and I felt absolutely great the next day. I also had better definition in my legs due to the lymphatic drainage. I'm excited to try the ultrasonic cavitation (lyposuction) as it sounds great. See you soon guys. :)"

- harrynjac

"Me and couple of my friends visited Slimland and had a phenomenal and memorable experience.  We were greeted and treated like a VIP.  As soon as you arrive the Slimland, you immediately sense a great relaxation.  The décor, the ambiance and the atmosphere gives you the perfect environment for a soothing and relaxing treatment.  The staff were very friendly and helpful and always smiling.  From the detox to the lymphatic drainage massage, the services were outstanding.  I definitely recommend the Slimland not only to unwind and relax but as part of the lifestyle all of us deserves."

- Jessica, Townsville

I have regular Rolletic roll treatments to keep my cellulite at bay. I continue to see improvements, and best of all, I know it’s not going to get any worse.

- Hannah

“I combined the Ultrasonic Cavitation with the Rolletic treatment and the results were AMAZING! I lost 5.8kg in 30 days without killing myself in the gym!”

- Linda, Townsville

"Slimland not only helped me to lose weight, but it helped me to reduce those annoying fat. I look great, I feel great, and I have way more energy!"

- Craig, Home Hill

I'm really happy with the results! After years of having saddlebag thighs, finally something worked and got rid of my cellulite too.Thanks Slimland xxx

- angie29

"I am a bigger girl,( to say the least at 95 kilos), I have had a three kids and have a big tummy, but I have lost 10 cm centimeters from ultrasonic treatments so far and I am loving the rolletic. Sad to say I do not diet but I do drink heaps of water cos they tell me that is what makes it work :) I have had 5 treatments now, a few to go and it's taking a while but I am seeing real results. Thank goodness it doesn't hurt, the ladies there are great and so helpful with motivation every time I go in and the only thing that would make me give the salon 5 stars is if everyone there spoke English, hey Martina! Only kidding :)"

- DianaRose

I lost over 6cm’s from around my stomach area, as a result of the 4th Strawberry laser treatments. The girls are great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Slimland salon.Thank you

- Sandy

Roll massage treatments has been absolutely amazing so far! After 6 treatments I can see huge differences in cellulite dimples on my outer thighs & a reduction in the small ripples on my inner thighs. I can’t wait to see what it will be like at the end of the treatment course!! Very exciting! Everyone is so friendly & warm- would most definitely recommend!!

- Rebecca

"Finally something that actually works and the people there are just lovely. Martina and Susan are so helpful and treat you like family and really work to achieve the best results. Five stars from me, this stuff works!!!!!"

- Tamsa

"I was a bit sceptical at first I have to admit but after using the fat reduction package I noticed a huge improvement in my legs just after one week!!!  I unfortunately didn't measure my thigh diameter, but there is definitely more room in my trousers and I can feel that my legs are slimmer and firmer.

- Kate, Townsville

Before I decided to change and work on my body, I was very embarrassed about my body image. I didn’t go out much just so I didn’t interact with people and didn’t have to be the ‘big’ girl around my friends. The biggest are most trouble was particularly in my tummy area. I would dress to hide it, spent fortunes on 'control' pants. To my eternal shame I even avoided my very good friend's wedding. One day I decided that I do not want to be hiding away with my big belly. I started looking for diets and methods how to get rid of the fat , that I desperately wanted to disappear. Then I found Slimland.  The Ultrasonic cavitation package that I was advised to have was really good (just Rolletic treatment wasn't a totally pain-free procedure) the results are incredible, I have a perfectly flat stomach, the bulge over the top of my caesarean scar has gone (in fact you can barely see the scar now) and having the procedure has kick-started me into losing weight of my own accord. I lost a6 kilos in 8 weeks and continue to lose weight now.

-  Wendy, Townsville

As a guy who works out I have always found there is an area of fat on my abdomen that I haven't been able to shift.  When I first heard about Slimlands Magic Cryo new procedure, I didn't quite believe that I could walk in one afternoon and have fat removed from my abdomen and walk out feeling fine afterwards.  Though some of the fat was removed during the procedure I have to wait 6 weeks to see the full results and I cannot wait!  The procedure itself was totally fine, I was nervous beforehand as I am scared of pain but the team at Slimland really put me at ease and I smiled and chatted my way through the procedure. You can really see a difference immediately after having Magic Cryo, though the real results are yet to come I cannot wait to get on the beach this summer.

- Greg, Mt. Isa

Slimland was lovely (stylish, pleasant and very clean) and the staff were great...I am over the moon with the results.  I have gained a new level of confidence and don't feel 'inadequate' anymore in my top half!

- Simonne, Townsville

I have had the treatment done, having two kid,  my mid section now looks great + regular rolletic treatments leave my body looking and feeling tonned. I would recomend this to anyone who wants to loose weight.

- Michelle, Townsville

I had always suffered from cellulite even though I work out regularly and eat a sensible diet.  Having cellulite really affected my confidence and I must admit when I started my course of Rolletic I was skeptical.  With each treatment I started to notice my skin getting tighter, firmer and smoother.  Now my cellulite has all but gone and I am over the moon about it!  I would recommend Rolletic to anybody as getting rid of cellulite has changed my life.(as about Ivy gel –amazing!!!)

- Rhonda, Townsville

I was recommended by my GP of the benefits of Air pressure lymphatic massage for lymphatic drainage. Due to my underactive thyroid, I carry a lot of fluid around in my body, which not only means that my clothes feel quite snug at times, but I also tend to swell in my legs and feet. I noticed a relief almost instantly. Following my 1st appointment, I slept like a baby and by the next morning, felt 100% better! I would highly recommend Lymphatic drainage at Slimland to everyone.

Thanks again Lisa

This was a fantastic experience. It actually works! I was considering having liposuction performed, but thought [that] I may as well try this treatment first to see if it works, before handing out a lot of money to a surgeon. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first, but now I have done 6 sessions and I’m very happy I took the chance, because this treatment actually works! I have gone down a dress size and feel very confident in a bikini, at last. The staff are great. They listen to your goals, and treat you as if you were a personal friend. I would recommend this to anyone who… truly wants to see changes in their bodies Strawberry laser is best!!

Kelly- admin officer Townsville

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"Finally something that actually works and the people there are just lovely. Martina and Susan are so helpful and treat you like family and really work to achieve the best results. Five stars from me, this stuff works!!!!!"

- Tamsa

You can't beat this!

I'm really happy with the results! After years of having saddlebag thighs, finally something worked and got rid of my cellulite too.Thanks Slimland xxx

- Angie29, TrueLocal

Why Slimland?

Why IceTheme ClubWould you like to loose weight fast and painlessly, with no down time and fabulous results? If yes you should consider Slimland! Our methods are non-invasive and are more effective than restricting diets and hard gym workouts, with no painful surgery. Come in for a FREE consultation.