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Dietary tips


Where to begin-Dieters should begin by weighing themselves and setting a goal weight, that is how you'd really like to look.

During the first stage of the diet, is recommends increasing physical activity and exercise. Slimmers should eat one snack and three daily meals. At this time dieters are banned from consuming alcohol and also from eating for at least two hours before going to bed. Taking multivitamins regularly and having a glass of water with each meal is vital.The first stage should last for about a month and Greene says slimmers shouldn't expect to loose a lot of weight.

The second phase is much more aggressive and involves bans on a range of unhealthy foods such as soft drinks, foods with trans fats, fried foods, white breads, pasta and high-fat dairy products. Trans fats are complex fats which are often found in take away foods, particularly fried foods.

During phase two, Greene anticipates that slimmers will lose a lot of weight. This phase should last four at least a month. Greene recommends dieters stay in this phase until they reach their ideal weight. Increasing the amount of exercise and physical activity are a option if the weight is not dropping off as fast at it should during this phase.

The final phase of this diet involves incorporating the changes from the first two stages into every day life to permanently maintain weight-loss. Dieters should look to incorporate some luxury foods they gave up on earlier as a treat. Eat more fruit and vegetables and continue to exercise regularly

Don't eat right before bed. For me this means not eating after 7.30pm. Give your body at least two hours to process what you eat before you go to sleep.

Balance your calorie intake with exercise. The amount of calories you burn through physical activity should counter balance your daily calorie intake. In other words, make sure you are only giving your body the amount of energy in the form of calories that it will actually get rid of through exercise.

Always look at the packets of food you eat. Check out exactly what is in the food you eat. Understand exactly how many calories are in each item and what precisely it is made from. For example, many breads may advertise their complex grain structure but this doesn't guarantee they are healthy. If wholegrain isn't the first or second item listed in the ingredients column on the back of the pack, don't buy it.

Be prepared to make a lifestyle changes. This diet is designed to change a person's relationship with food and to increase their physical activity. Don't expect to go on the diet and then go back to old food habits. If the old habits really did work, would it be necessary to go on a diet?

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