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Strawberry cold laser


The Strawberry cold laser technology is based on the use of diode laser. The low levels of laser energy affects the fat cell membranes in way they change the shape and the fat stored is released. It drains the fat cells of the fat. There is no harmful effect to the body. The procedure doesn't affect any surrounding body structures such as blood vessels, skin tissue or nerve system.

The fat during the procedure is turned to liquid and is drained through lymphatic system. Therefore it is vital to drink plenty of water to help the cleansing process. The effect of the treatment during and after the treatment is based on how well is the lymphatic system working. After treatment is recommended to do lymphatic drainage or rolletic treatment, because that will speed up the things and body naturally remove the liquid fat out of the body. The result of the treatment will be much more significant and noticeable.

How often you can go for the treatment?

Only limitation for the treatment is that the break between treatments needs to be 5 days. The reason for this is that once the fat is removed, it is best for the skin to shrink naturally and that takes time.

This technology works on any type of the body. Most effective and visible it is on people who exercise regularly.

This technology is quiet and cannot be felt so the treatment is relaxing, quick and effective. The Strawberry cold laser uses probes which assist the body in flushing the liquid fat.

This technology is often used for cell regeneration and pain relief so there are other benefits of this type of treatment.

Strawberry cold laser is very safe. The initial purpose of the Strawberry cold laser technology was used for pain relief and cell regeneration. There is no pain or discomfort during or after the treatment.

This treatment is not designed for weight loss but really helps with loosing the size.

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